O So Friendly

O So Friendly


Onarins provides a minimalist, simple and colorful style. It  focuses on  how an  individual garment can easily be  mixed and matched with other pieces in the collection. Importantly, Onarins  has a strong and outspoken aesthetic,   a diverse set  of customers, and a good understanding  of the market  along with production. Onarins also looks at the sustainability side. By taking  waste fabrics and creating  unique designs and creative textile developments. This shows the difference of the brand compared to others in the  fashion industry.  Onarins puts the quality of its products as one of its first priorities . The brand always has different designs,  a small production run along with exquisite  quality. Consumers for the brand include  woman or young teens  between the age of  18-45. Customers are  between this age because the clothes can be easily mixed and matched and  are very simple and can be worn multiple times. This gives a chance for women in different ages,  depending on  the styling. The brand eliminates over head costs by selling items online. Also, wanting to form a partnerships with major brands to sell  their over stock content. Even more the brand can match any other price that can be found online.

“Onarins’ woman  feel confident, strong, comfortable and shine in the crowds. She feels like clothes give her  confidence and personality  depending on how she styles it.”               



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I target different  customer ages by shooting with different models to see the outcome of the look with a model with different ages. I can see the youth and cute from this model wearing my clothes and it gives the outfits with different perspective. HEART 9.jpgAs a brand I also focus on the sustainable side. I using extra fabrics I had and created another outfit. The textile development I created a weaving. heart 7.jpg

Garments: made by Onarins (shirt, dress, pants, and manipulation top

Photography: Jose and Onarins







I made this work during summer 2015.

Designer: Onarins (Me)

-made the pattern (onarins)

-chose the all the materials (onarins)

Photographer: Theeratorn Lamketkaeo

Styling: Onarins

Cut and Sewn :  A production company

Location scout: Onarins and Porita

Make up: Nan



Garment: Onarins

Photography: Onarins & Ethan Tong

Model: Rika

Make up: Rika & Onarins


My concept starts with the word ‘upcycle’ and ‘recycle.’ For me there is so much waste around the world. Creating air pollution, water pollution, climate change, and more. We also destroy and cut down trees to build more living space (new architecture) by invading in animals. My neologism is creating a garment that inspired by the idea. We are harming the world and other living things and what we are doing also harm us. When I think about all of this harming to the world. I think about word ‘scar.’ For me having a scar is painful, then the pain will go away, but mark is always there. It is like how we are harming the world it is like a scar and we are wearing all of those scars because it always with us. Like we have to wear clothes all the time. I chose to put the textile development on the back of the garment and on the skirt, but the development is hidden in the layer of drapes. Because I want to show that human can’t see the scar even through there is a mark on it but it is still so hard for human to understand. Human just keep moving forward without looking behind of what we have done. Garment/Silhouette: I love there combination of basic structure and drape. Drape gives the look more unique and fun and different. Basic structure gives the simplicity and easy to be mix and match with other design. My silhouette is inspired by the architecture and the drape I want to show the chorus (but not too much because I still want to keep the clean).



Photoshoot Location:

I chose MoMA as my location because I love the modernity, minimalist and I love the colors of the wall gray, white, and the marble floor. Also, the exhibition is very contemporary. Even more there is the garden area. I love the garden area because it shows the connection of nature and architecture. Plus, in my own perspective shooting at different location can give the work more stories. Also, going to new place there is always new things that we will never see before.


I started shooting on the grey wall for the close up and details shoot, so the model stand out. I want to keep the minimal and clean look. Then, my photographer and I shot the model with the natural lighting that appear at the certain time. I love the cut of natural the light that appear unpredictable depen on the location and objects that build and how the light shine through and create shape. Plus the line of the light remind me of pain and scar. I also play with the composition of the object, model, and building, line, empty space. How to put together and make the overall photograph come out balance. In my opinion empty space make me feel struggle, painful because it is too empty.

Details shot:


shoot 9

Waiting for the perfect lighting. The sharp line of the light  represent the pain.

shoot 4shoot4shoot3

Playing with light, composition, space.

shoot 13shoot12shoot14


Space and model

shoot 16shoot15shoot20


Fabric choice:

• Peach Cashmere yarns

• Fishing net string

• Double faced wool

• Heavy PVC

Fabric development:

I did many type of manipulation techniques because I want to experiment and find the right manipulation for my designs: I did knitting, weaving, embroidery, laser cut. I mix this techniques together, like combine laser cut and embroidery. I also experiment with the different type materials that are not fabric such as heavy PVC, shower curtain, and fishing net string, I used this materials in my manipulation. What I used to my final garment: I embroided on my heavy PVC, and knit the fishing net. The reason that I applied this materials on to my garment because this materials are materials that harming the world. We are the one who create them it is like we are wearing them everyday because we are harming the world. I love a very grey and nude tone because I think it is a very easy to mix and match.